Custom Chore Band
  • Custom Chore Band

    Better than your bling, ring! I opt for my “chore band” before the real thing these days! Add 1-3 letters/numbers to this band. Please read important information below. 
    ***If you have a preference of stamp placement, please specify!***
    *Please note the rhinestone takes up a large amount of space and stamps need to be kept to a minimum. MINIMAL design stamps are an option as well. 
    *All brands need prior approval before ordering.
    **Rhinestone is available in a silver or gold (outer) option. 
    ***If your custom field is left blank, your ring will be sent without stamps. 
    ***By ordering this ring you are acknowledging that your proper care and adjustment of your ring will be read thoroughly in your Terms & Conditions (this box must be checked prior to checkout.)
    ****Also note that the turquoise guard ring is not included.
    *****Turn around times on these rings *may* be slightly longer than most.
    If you know your exact size needed, please add that to your custom field. The thickness and the width of this band may require sizing up