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custom order

If you have any particular vision in mind, please elaborate; as I will utilize my own creativity and what I feel will look best when creating your piece. Please keep in mind there are different sizes of letters, fonts, upper/lower case, etc.

If you have a general size of letters/numbers in mind, please let me know. (small, medium, large, XL, etc.)

 Available stamps are viewable in the Gallery section and should be added to the custom field when adding what you'd like on your piece.

Please note it is VITAL to be as clear as possible. When adding what stamps you'd like, you can referece the stamp list that is labeled as A, B, C. in the upper left corner. An example of how to customize a ring would be: "please add the word "cowboy" with a cowboy hat stamp above it." OR "please add the word "cowboy" in Typewriter font with cowboy hat stamp from list C."   

Also note that if you'd like a stone to your piece, the proper selection must be made when ordering as this is a more extensive process and prices reflect that. 

What are your pieces made out of?

Unless otherwise stated, all hand stamped pieces will be aluminum. Aluminum is a lightweight, durable metal that will not tarnish and helps keep an affordable pricepoint It is a characteristic of aluminum to show signs of wear after time, and little "love marks" are normal.

***shipping info***

B Love Brand ships via USPS. Standard First Class shipping is utilized unless otherwise requested.

Standard Shipping: USPS suggests approximately 3-5 business days to be delivered once in their facility. There is NO order protection with this shipping option. Includes tracking.

Priority Shipping: USPS suggests approximately 1-3 business days to be delivered once in their facility. Up to $50 order protection (please contact me beforehand if you'd like additional order insurance.) Includes tracking.

B Love Brand cannot be help responsible for any issues once in USPS possession unless Priority Shipping is selected.

why b love brand?

When you order from B Love Brand, you can feel confident you are getting a quality, authentic, handcrafted item. I work as hard as possible to keep turn around times to the absolute bare minimum while maintaining top notch products and customer service. I take pride in being creative and original in a now very heavily saturated industry! 

When you order with B Love Brand, you are making dreams comes true and every single order is made with all the love and gratitude in the world!

Do you offer any type of discounts?

Yes! Please reach out for wholesale and bulk order information 

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