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Custom Chain Gang Bracelet
  • Custom Chain Gang Bracelet

    A labor of love! These bracelets and their tags are made entirely by hand from start to finish. They take a little extra time, but they are made with all the love in the world!!! Guaranteed to have a heart felt, hand made, simple but sentimental feel!

    Hypoallergenic, waterproof and non tarnish paperclip bracelet with hand created customizable tags (tags are available in copper, brass and aluminum.)

    Approx 6 stamp max—use chat feature if you have questions regarding this :)

    An “average”/standard length is 7” and can be clasped on any link to be made smaller. It is suggested to go up around 1/2” from your exact wrist measurement, depending on how loose or tight you’d like it to be. I include the length of the large lobster style closure into the measurement of each bracelet.

    *I place the tags close to the large lobster clasp because I personally like the style and for the clasp to show. If you’d like the clasp to be on the opposite side of the bracelet, or somewhere else, please add that to your custom field.

    Please note that it is a characteristic of copper and brass to change color that may also be visible on your skin. There are polishing pads available on the “shop” page :)

    ✨The tags are hand made; cut, filed, stamped, polished, everything from a to z, they may take a little longer than the usual processing time. They may have scuffs or little marks from their lengthy hand creation process, but that is part of my style here…perfectly imperfect :) ✨

    Stamping the back of these tags may leave a visible impression on the front of the tag.

    ****IF YOU HAVE ANY SPECIFIC PREFERENCES, please add them. If a font is requested, for example “cursive”, but that font is only available in lowercase letters, I will have to use what I have available. Fonts are all viewable on the Gallery page.

    If you don’t specify, I may do things in all lowercase, maybe a unicase type font, etc. If names are important to you to be capitalized, or you don’t want multiple tags in different fonts, please add all of that to your custom field(ex: ‘please capitalize’) otherwise my creativity takes over and we may have different visions, which unfortunately I cannot refund or remake orders for.

    • Additional info

      Please read full description in full as well! There is sizing info within the listing, if you are unsure of your measurement and don’t have a tape measure, wrap a string or similar around your wrist how you’d like it to fit and measure the string on a ruler. I do not include the added length of the clasp and anything extra in the chain, I measure the chain to your requested size and then add the clasp which does add a small amount of extra length to the total size of the bracelet.

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