Custom Bridle/Collar/Strap Bands
  • Custom Bridle/Collar/Strap Bands

    My kind of ‘bridle party’!

    Add a little B Love to your bridle, dog collar, purse straps, you name it, it’ll probably slide on.

    They will be made with what I think is cute and fits the space unless you have a specific vision of your font/stamps!

    ***We are limited on the amount we can squeeze on these bad boys but please add what you’d like in the custom field provided, any font or particular vision you may have, as well as a measurement is you have it!!

    *Bridle Bands will slide onto your bridle, ideally above a buckle. You will unfasten the buckle, slide the Bridle Band on, squeeze to a snug fit and fasten the buckle.

    *There will be inside pieces you squeeze down onto the leather to hold it tightly in place.*