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B Love Signature Cup Accessories (cuffs, dangles etc)
  • B Love Signature Cup Accessories (cuffs, dangles etc)


    discount on multiple cuffs in next listing!


    A B Love Signature!!


    The cuffs are 1/4” wide and a new wider option just added, and designed to fit a Stanley Quencher handle and not shift around. The cuffs are sent with additional pieces that are to be LEFT ON, there are full instructions in this listing as well as the “2 for $25 cup cuffs” on how to put your cuffs on if you have any questions at all, you can always reach out as well.


    *I cannot guarantee the cuffs will fit any other style handle*. If you have a different type of tumbler with a handle, I would go with the hoop or chain option.


    FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE! Please utilize the custom field provided for any custom requests. I have a full stamp list in the gallery section of the website and also in my Instagram highlights. If you would like them to look like an example photo, please specify. *If specific fonts or stamps are not specified I will use my best judgment and do what I think looks best or is the way I have interpreted your requests*


    If multiple quantities are selected of one style piece, please be as clear as possible when describing each, for example use format “1. custom request 2. custom request”


    The dangles are two options, chain with a lobster clasp and a hoop/hook option. Both secure and also easy to remove.


    If you have any questions at all or feel you need to elaborate so there is no confusion on an order, please reach out with the chat feature. How I interpret your order is what I make, so being as thorough as possible helps a lot :)


    All pieces are made on aluminum, a silver color that is durable, lightweight and does not tarnish. These are on the highest grade available. 


    *******There is only one option in the gold tone; a small chain link chain with just under 1/2" disc for initials only. I wouldn't add any more than 3 total stamps to this. If you add more than one letter to the custom field for this, the font will be smaller.


    More designs to come!!

    • Care Instructions

      Pre-adjusted to slide easily onto one side of the handle and then carefully onto the other side. Gently push upwards on the end points to secure.

      There are small additional pieces sent on the cuffs that are to be left on, to secure fit. Unfortunately I cannot describe those pieces here, as I am protecting a signature design and creation. But please be sure those are not left in the bag and stay ON the cuffs in a place where they will not come off.

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