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Just The Tag (add your own tags)

Just The Tag (add your own tags)

You asked, and asked and asked…and here they are! 😆❤️

Sold individually, with a hole and ring to attach yourself! The same tags that are on the Chain Gang bracelets and necklaces, just sold separately! You can add these to an order if you are needing more than the max available on the Chain Gang listing, (you will just need to add that you want it attached to a Chain Gang bracelet or necklace in your order).

These are hand made; cut, stamped, filed and finished. They are designed to have a “perfectly imperfect” look, so please keep that in mind when ordering.

It is a natural characteristic of copper and brass to change color, and there are polishing pads available on the Shop page.

Specifying fonts and specifics is very important, and fonts/stamps are available for viewing in the gallery page, with important info in the description of those photos regarding stamp info.

If you don’t specify, please note that it is left to my creativity to do what I think looks best, and unless clearly stated that names or words etc need to be capitalized, I typically prefer them lowercase and they may be made as such unless, for example, “please add ‘Max’ in typewriter font with a capital M”.

We are limited on space and keep in mind that the longer your request, the longer the tag will hang and they were designed with the idea of being aesthetically small. Please don’t add long phrases, sentences, or anything that will give me anxiety… ;)

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