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$8 Custom Ring Bin
  • $8 Custom Ring Bin

    PLEASE READ FULLY and carefully.

    These bands are the original bands I used when I started my business. They are a thinner gauge and harder metal. Still aluminum so they will never tarnish but can oxidize over time like all metals.

    I personally love these because if cared for properly, they are so comfortable to wear! I still wear some daily that I made years and years ago!

    All that said, these bands don’t stamp the same as the other standard bands I use, don’t always hold ink as well, and are extra important to adjust correctly and only once when getting it sized to fit you correctly.

    Because we are limited to the design stamps these bands can take well, I’m giving it an approx 5 stamp maximum (if you wanted the Eat Beef band that is an exception)

    We cannot do the organized chaos on these

    We cannot do the Fine as Vines design

    We cannot do the Western Way design

    ***If you request these I will refund your order and won’t be reaching out or sending invoices for orders placed incorrectly.

    ***It is so important to me that you read and understand prior to selecting these bands. I won’t be sending replacements for incorrect adjustments causing bands to break.***

    Please also take the time to read through the Terms and Conditions you have to check to have read prior to checkout as all care instructions are there.

    I have visual adjustment instructions on my Instagram highlights and am happy to walk you through it if you need assistance.

    Please reach out if you have any questions at all prior to ordering.

    • Info

      Please adjust bands by securing carefully and pushing the end points of the band carefully upwards. Never ever squeeze the sides of the bands to make them smaller.

      Polishing pads keep these bands looking very shiny and nice.

      ImpressArt makes a nice and easy enamel marker to touch up ink at home. Available at any craft store and Amazon too.

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